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Syrphidae of Poland (website + photos)

Syrphidae of Poland (syrphidae.insects.pl) is the largest gallery dedicated to the howerflies (Syrphidae). They are a very nice flies with black and yellow colors. Howerflies are great flyers, the best in the world of animals. In the gallery you will find a list of species found in Poland and a photo albums of my friends from all over my country. I am an author and administrator of this website. Many thanks for Luke Mielczarek especially for a list of species and pictures determination.

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European Butterflies and Moths (photos)

My little photo gallery on the website www.lepidoptera.pl. Website "European Butterflies and Moths" was created by Christopher Jonko. This site shows the majority of species of butterflies and moths found in Europe, their photos, descriptions. There is a search engine, comparison of species feature, members galleries, UTM maps available. This website is the basic tool of information for enthusiasts of butterflies. Great job Chris!

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